Zoom Fatigue — 4 Comments

  1. Good news is you have not been Zoom bombed yet. Yikes, what people won’t do to make others miserable. Must be a flaw in our DNA.

    • Right, I cranked down my Zoom privacy options a while back… meetings I start are password-protected. Zoom just announced that from April 5 all meetings will be thus protected by default; and all will be set up with a “waiting room” so that the meeting owner must approve everyone who tries to join. That should effectively end Zoombombing.

  2. Starting Monday, I will have daily “office hours,” via Google Meet, for the students and staff at my school. (Two separate time slots.)

    My thinking is that I will start the virtual meeting at the designated times each day and then sit at my computer getting other work done until someone pops in to join me.

    I hadn’t considered that this WILL change the dynamic of my work space. I will need to be ready for public display at moments notice! NOT something I relish.

    • “Office hours” are even worse than scheduled meetings for the effect we’re describing. You don’t know if anyone will show up at all, so you could spend an hour in tense anticipation.

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