Wine Windows — 5 Comments

  1. Sweet blog – how creative during their challenging times. And I love the photos! Wish we had this kind of beauty in old architecture to delight us here….

    • I can’t see the buchette del vino working here. In very few places in the Cities is there a compact, pedestrian-oriented village of the sort that’s easy to find throughout Italy. You need foot traffic, and even where that once existed here, the Skyways have pulled it up off of the street.

  2. This is fascinating. I’ve always been intrigued by this period of history, in particular plague doctors’ masks and stories (which I don’t know if they’re true) about villages that chose to isolate themselves to help contain it.

  3. Probably true. The word “quarantine” came from Venice, where during the plague years they forced all ships arriving from infected cities to sit in port for 40 days.

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