Waiting for a Waiting List — 4 Comments

    • Judy, did you get on the lottery list today?

      As far as I have ever seen, having a co-morbidity in addition to an age qualification gives one no additional consideration. Pre-existing conditions only seem to matter for those younger than 65, for purposes of setting priorities.

  1. I’m 64 and have a comorbidity (pre-existing condition). I haven’t seen anything in MN about whether comorbidities are considered.

    • Hi Shelley, I haven’t seen such for MN either. In the CDC guidelines updated a couple of weeks back, which threw this and other states’ planning into confusion, people under 65 with particular co-morbidities are placed in the same bin as those between 65 and 75; but MN did not go along with that. In this state I figure the 65-75 group is about 168,000 strong and the under-65 with conditions about 704,000.

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