Vaccination Passports Are Not Easy — 4 Comments

  1. Simply pathetic! Well, at least one can simply fall back to old tech: paper shot record. 🙂

    • Yep. I had thought about getting my vax record laminated for better durability as it traveled in (oversized) pockets; but I didn’t want to do that before the booster. Now maybe I will. If I plan to get on an airplane, I’ll be carrying the paper (plastic) in addition to the Docket app.

      • I linked to this post on Nextdoor and a few people there said “Don’t laminate!” and pointed to an article on the AARP site to this effect. The suggestion instead is to protect the card in a plastic sleeve — the kind available from Amazon in a 5-pack for $2.99 here.

  2. I sent a link to this post to the support address for Docket, and received in reply a boilerplate FAQ document. While I might have wished for a personal reply, the FAQ did contain some information I hadn’t been aware of. In particular it mentioned a gesture in the app’s interface: drag down and release, which apparently causes the app to reach out to the database and update if any of the information there is new. That might have saved me a few instances of remove-account-and-re­in­stan­tiate that I went through.

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