Tuesday Update for 2021-01-19: Booking — 4 Comments

  1. Two elderly friends of mine have been able to schedule shots at Regions through their Health Partners on-line account. Evidently there are numerous slots open for this Monday. Seems odd, doesn’t it? We’ll see if they do actualy get their shots on Monday.

    • Yes, I didn’t mention: this state program is separate from the vaccine distributed by various others, health services & universities & what-all. The messaging from the state says “Don’t call your provider, they will call you.” One of my neighbors got email from Health Partners that she is eligible to sign up. I have heard crickets from M Health.

  2. I’m feeling fortunate — working at a VA Medical Center, so will get my first shot this Friday. It will be a huge relief. Hoping the distribution improves.

    • Great, good for you. I’m hearing about more and more of my acquaintanceship who have gotten their shot(s) — I think now there are more of them than there are people I know who got Covid.

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