This is the original post under this title from Pandemic Update for 2022-04-02: Re-boost. Please do not rely on this information, it is partially obsolete. Follow the link above to where I have replaced the article with current information.

I recently had occasion to look up the recommended treatments in priority order, for non-hospitalized, high-risk people with mild to moderate Covid-19. Here they are from the National Institutes of Health. The per­cent­age numbers are the improvements in the chance of progressing to hospitalization and more severe outcomes.

  • 1. Paxlovid (Pfizer): 88%
    Oral antiviral
    Three pills twice a day for five days, begun within 5 days of symptoms (ideally within 3)
  • 2. Sotrovimab (GSK / Vir): 85%
    Infused monoclonal antibody, within 10 days (ideally within 5)
    One IV infusion
  • 3. Remdesivir (Gilead): 87%
    Infused antiviral
    Three IV infusions over three days, begun within 7 days
  • 4. Molnupiravir (Merck / Ridgeback): 30%
    Oral antiviral
    Four pills twice a day for five days, begun within 5 days

This guide is in need of updating. First, the FDA has halted the use of so­trov­i­mab in eight New England states, where the BA-2 sub-variant of Omicron is now dominant. The FDA said that testing showed sotrovimab was not “fully active” against BA.2 — though there are conflicting studies. ([ Added 2022-04-02: ] See the note below for an update on sotrovimab availability.)

And second, the FDA has auth­or­ized Eli Lilly’s injectable antiviral bebtelovimab for emergency use in Covid-19 patients aged 12 and up. Bebtelovimab unambiguously works against BA.2.