Three Zoom Day — 5 Comments

  1. Zoom has kept my weekly appointments of piano playing going. I also use FaceTime. Both have some distortion as well as slight lag time. I don’t care that it is not perfect. I’m playing piano and exchanging energy into the system and getting energy back. I’m grateful!

  2. Thank you for telling me this. It means a lot. I actually played that as a solo for high school graduation ceremonies. It was also my mom’s favorite. When my two brothers and John’s son were here 11/29-12/7 to visit, they came to a rehearsal of Class Act, the swing band I’ve been in for almost 20 years. They got to hear me play Bumble Boogie, an encore solo I’d do for solo piano performances. The band had an arrangement of it that matched my solo so I didn’t have to change a note of what I played. That was very special. For them and for me. Thank you, Keith

  3. My ten year old twin grandsons are taking virtual music lessons every week: one on the trumpet, the other the guitar. Then we do Zoom calls and they play for me as I sit at my computer, feeling it’s bittersweet on the one hand, to hear them, and on the other not to be able to give them the usual big hug at the end of their performance.

  4. Do your two grandsons live in the same household? I assume as much, because trying to line up a Zoom with two instruments playing from two different locations won’t go very well.

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