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  1. Looking forward to reading and learning more about this: just when one thought it couldn’t get too much worse. And after all that these people who had the illness have already gone through…

  2. I have a work colleague who had it, recovered and then had himself tested again. It showed he has antibodies against the virus. He’s smart enough to know he needs to continue being vigilant and is looking into how his status can be of help to others such as researchers.

    • That’s great. Some of the people in the press accounts also wanted to “give back” via their special status and were hurt by the seemingly instinctive revulsion of those they encountered. Personally, if a friend who had demonstrably recovered showed up at my door, I would probably give them a big hug. Have not had that pleasure with anyone but my wife for 60+ days now.

  3. Earlier this month it came out that the US military — prompted by the Defense Department — is disqualifying anyone who has ever tested positive for Covid-19 from enlisting.

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