Quarantined with Mom — 8 Comments

  1. Such a touching story, Molly. I’m learning new things all the time through this blog: didn’t know you were an accordionist. I used to be one, too, in the days of Lawrence Welk.

  2. Oh my Lord! Those nuns!! My education… The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Yup. Grade school, high school, nursing school. AND because they always told us that “Ladies do not whistle,” I just found more delight in whistling any time I could to make them nuts. Still love whistling. When my husband had the strokes, he lost the ability to spit and whistle! Dang those are such critical skills. Everyone please, cherish your ability to spit and whistle. And Molly, I am so happy your Mom can whistle. I bet she can spit too.

  3. As someone who also whistles all the time, I really enjoyed reading about your whistling mom 🙂 And the video of you both is sweet and touching.

  4. Thank you, Molly and Mom. Singing was the thing that got us though some of my Mom’s most painful procedures. A blessing.

  5. Molly, I loved watching this video. The camaraderie and affection you two share comes through, as does your loving attentiveness to your mom.

  6. I enjoyed your writings about your mamas, both Molly and Keith. Music is a wonderful gift in so many ways.

    While caring for my husband Doug during his decline with FTD, I too thought music would be an important component of his enjoyment as he had a beautiful voice and did a lot of singing for weddings, funerals, church choirs, etc. It didn’t happen for him.

    Music therapy was a weekly event provided by the Hospice team. It did calm him however and frequently fell asleep while he listened… but he never joined in that much.

  7. This is so beautifully moving, Molly. Your mom sounds like she’s an amazing lady. You are so lucky to be spending this precious time with her. We’re here if you need us for anything.

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