Pulse Oximeter — 2 Comments

  1. My gosh that is brilliant! If fact, just yesterday my husband seemed a little short of breath when he came upstairs to visit me in my sewing room, where I live these days. (Mask maker mask maker! Make me a mask! )

    He does have a history of heart failure and strokes. I ran downstairs and started rummaging around in drawers and sure enough I found it!! My handy dandy little pulse oximiter. Battery dead. New batteries. Bingo! His oxygen saturation was 96%. Yay. Perfect. Mine was 97%. I love that thing!

  2. Here’s a next-day follow-up: some reasons why the majority of healthy people maybe shouldn’t be looking at their oxygen levels multiple times per day. The reasons boil down to: consumer- not medical-grade instruments, the possibility of misinterpreting readings, and boosting anxiety with constant checking.

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