Protection from What? — 1 Comment

  1. An excellent report, Keith. By the way, although AstraZeneca wasn’t represented, their pre-clinical study in rhesus macaques showed no reduction in nasal viral load. There are obviously some leaps to be made to “vaccinated humans being contagious,” but it is suggestive. (See Derek Lowe:

    The nasal spray vaccines that are in the works are probably our only real hope of achieving “herd immunity.”

    We need to come to terms with living with this virus for probably a span of years. The virus is going to be out there, vaccine or no. Fast and cheap testing could help with controlling the spread, especially in situations ripe for super-spreading. And it sure would help if we can get some treatments that are extremely effective, especially treatments that prevent the long-term issues we’re seeing.

    As for us individuals, we’re going to be doing social distancing and masks for a long time to come, at least off-and-on.

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