Pandemic Update for 2022-04-02: Re-boost — 4 Comments

  1. Loaded posting, Keith!

    I had been hovering around my local med group web site as soon as I got word about the senior-senior authorization. Vera and I got to nearly the front of our on-line queue here and secured our jabs early on 1 April. My reaction was tough, similar to the first booster — body aches, injection-site soreness, and a general funk. However a nice mega-dose of ibuprofen took care of that bother rapidly, and I’m pretty much back to what passes as normal. Fortunately for her, Vera never gets a reaction to the boosters, but did, however, get a slight bit of discomfort from her first vaccine poke a little over a year ago (happy anniversary!).

    Good to see you back in the saddle!

    • Good for you. A couple of friends here got re-boosted on the 31st, but we held out for our favorite extremely local pharmacy (St. Paul Corner Drug), and they were scheduling from April 5.

      • On your travels, do you two still mask? Despite social distancing, if we’re going to be in proximity with strangers, we will mask. Caution prevails regardless of our vaccine status. 😁

        • We did on the trip while indoors with strangers. Often we were the only ones in sight doing so. Some establishments (e.g. McDonalds on the road) had posted signs requesting masking, but that was honored far more in the breach — with staff as well as customers.

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