Pandemic Update for 2022-03-09: Presume — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for aggregating so many awesome resources!

    Our micro-level report: my spouse V’s workplace has requested her back in the office two days a week starting May 1. She says, “the extroverts miss having lunch together, going by each others’ desks to chat.”

    As a neurodiverse introvert, V has been much more productive in her quiet home office (and as a result has been promoted twice during the pandemic and gets to be in long video meetings about a computer system update). She noted that local infection rates haven’t come down below what were deemed “stay at home” levels last year and asked whether she will be blamed/coached if her output is slower at the office.

    Also we gave up one of our cars during the pandemic, so what if we both have to go in on the same day … (Wait, I know the answer to that and it will be good for my fitness: I’m a brisk 20 minute walk from the MAX train line … with a brisk 15 minutes on the other end. Yes, there is a shower at work!)

    During the pandemic I moved to a team managed out of British Columbia and I have only ever met ONE of them in person. I haven’t heard what my own “team agreement” (my company’s term) about office facetime is going to be. A useful-sounding remote work setup I interviewed for in 2017 was offered by TaxJar (pre-Stripe): everyone worked remotely at home, AND there were two long conferences every year where the entire company went to the same place and did collaborative work such as reviews and goal setting. Maybe I can find something like that, or encourage my team to move towards it. Well, now off to follow the links!

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