Pandemic Update for 2021-08-27: Contamination — 2 Comments

  1. Not sure about the trial results, but I’m confused as to why we have to wait eight months post-full vaccination prior to receiving booster. That seems to provide the SARS coronavirus more that enough time to insinuate itself into us — who foolishly believe we’re protected. Good thing we didn’t throw away our unused KN95 masks!😝

    • What we have here is a serious case of moving goalposts.

      When the vaccines were being developed and tested, the goal was to prevent serious disease, hospitizalization, intubation, and death. Preventing infection was barely even a wish. Very few if any vaccines prevent infection, especially with respiratory viruses. Keeping people out of the hospital saved the medical system from collapse and saved countless lives. That’s what the vaccines were designed to do and that’s what the trials were designed to demonstrate.

      Yet miraculously, the vaccines also did a great job of preventing infection!

      Until our antibodies waned. As they always do; as they are supposed to; as they had better do lest your blood grow thicker than sludge.

      The vaccines still do a great job of keeping us out of the hospital. There is no evidence that their protection at this level has waned significantly.

      The protection against infection will have slipped from the 90s percent to 50s or 60s after 8 months. Protection against serious disese maybe from 90s to the high 80s, and that because of delta, not because of the passage of time.

      What we need is to get a far higher percentage vaccinated, here and around the world, not to give out boosters.

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