Pandemic Update for 2021-08-17: Smoke — 4 Comments

  1. Hey, Keith! Thanks for the heads-up on fenofibrate! My cardiologist just last month started me on that drug to help bring down my triglycerides. Perhaps I might get a two-for-one benefit from that therapy! Hope all is going well with you and Kat!

    • Heh. Don’t get your hopes up. Think about bioavailability of an orally delivered drug… pretty poor track record of those making their way to upper airways or lungs!

  2. This is not a frippery but I wanted to wave from afar and contribute something. Recently I’ve been opening a book called Black Imagination and reading one page at random. (Most contributions are only a page long, or a page and a half.) I already read the whole thing; now I’m just dipping in.

    What is the content? Natasha Marin and friends collected responses to three writing prompts:

    What is your origin story?
    How do you heal yourself?
    Describe / imagine a world where you are loved, safe, and valued.

    (The book is the text of an audio exhibit here in the Pacific Northwest. I transcribed the prompts from audio, may not have exact punctuation etc.) This page has a 7 minute audio intro to the work:

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