Liminality and the Altruistic Infovore — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you as always for your notes on an examined life!

    In my own liminal isolation I have found myself cleaning the kitchen several times a day (up from just once a day). “Doing something about issues I can control, where I see tangible effects.” Next plan: finish a few projects that are less Sisyphean than kitchen cleaning. And remembering to feel grateful for what I am learning from this.

  2. This post really resonates with me!! (A fellow altruistic infovore?) I was holding off on commenting until I had time to read the whole article in the Atlantic, but work keeps getting in the way… so THANK YOU for this post.

  3. That Onion article is GREAT. The line from the Atlantic article that I appreciated was this:

    “In a pandemic, the strongest attractor of trust shouldn’t be confidence, but the recognition of one’s limits, the tendency to point at expertise beyond one’s own, and the willingness to work as part of a whole.”

    For tonight I’ll end by celebrating the way this blog documents living as part of a whole (neighborhood, city, and more).

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