I’m Not Alone — 3 Comments

  1. Those little guys (and gals) are so darn cute. I find them to be so much more curious and engaged than other wild rodents. They seem to really want to figure out what’s up and how to get the most fun – or food benefit – out of a situation.

    It may sound absurd to some, but when we had the front steps built last summer, I had secret, tiny entrances made on the side buttresses and an interior pathway that cuts across the whole expanse of the stairs – because for five years prior, a chipmunk had lived under our crumbling concrete stairs and slipped in and out of a crack to come and go. I felt so terrible about destroying his/her den that I had to extend the invitation to move back in. It makes me very happy to watch that little chipmunk slip into the hole on one side of the stairs and out the other side.

    I’m glad you have your buddies to keep you company, Dagmar, while you wait to reunite with family and friends.

  2. Sweet comment – thanks, Molly. And I’m so happy for your little chipmunk friend and his continuing hangout under your steps 🙂 My little guys and gals are amazing: They are right by my chair within a minute or two after I sit down – how do they know so quickly that their food source has arrived? Not only cute – but also, so smart!

  3. Love the story and the comments. Making a secret hiding spot is such a fun idea! This thread has reminded me of watching Mimi’s Doug feed chipmunks while he was still at home. A lovely memory.

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