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  1. Hi! This is Lori, one of the Collections Department members at MNHS behind the History is Now collecting initiative!
    Thank you so much mentioning the MinnPost article and our project! We would love to add you blog to our collection by catalog a link to it. Would that be okay with you? In the future when people are researching this period and look up COVID-19 etc. your blog will be available to them.
    Thanks for what you are doing and I hope you and yours stay well!
    Best, Lori

    Lori Williamson
    Outreach Coordinator, Collections Department
    Minnesota Historical Society

  2. Atlas Obscura is running a piece about museums in the time of pandemic, and their dilemmas around collecting objects representative of the time while we are still in the middle of it. It’s New York-centric; apparently the reporter didn’t get as far afield as the upper midwest.

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