Heavy Heart — 6 Comments

  1. So sad to see this in print, what you’ve been dreading, Dagmar. My best wishes are with you and your family that everyone stays safe and healthy, and know that I am feeling your anxiety too. Be well my friend.

  2. I’m sad for you, Dagmar. I know the feeling of being separated from my grand girls and is heart wrenching each time I leave them. One feels like you’re missing out on their lives in a way. Good thing we can FaceTime, etc. Maybe that will help a bit?

    • Thank you, Mimi – yes, it must be so hard for you to leave your grand girls also! I need to look into how to stay in touch virtually. That seems like a sorry substitute for days together in person – but worth a try. I’m also so bad on the computer that the thought of setting up a Zoom call gives me heart palpitations. 🙂 Yes, we as moms and grandmas do feel all the joys and all the pain around loving our kids and grandkids so much.

  3. Dagmar, separation with loved ones is the hardest part of this pandemic. Have you been able to overcome zoom anxiety and connect with them?

  4. Katharyn, we Zoom occasionally – but their lives are full and they have to initiate it as I am clueless on that score. Occasionally, I head over there and we sit outside and try to catch up a bit. Makes one so grateful for those small moments in life.

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