Heatwave — 5 Comments

  1. We had a “cool down” of 99 degrees earlier this week (ha ha)…110 degrees right now

  2. I hope you have a basement that’s a good escape site. I escape to mine from time to time for the cool.

    • We do have a cool basement – dry too thanks to a dehumidifier. I expect we will be spending a greater fraction of time down there as the heatwave wears on.

  3. Reminds me of my years practically on the equator in West Africa. I also had no running water. I’d throw pails full of water over myself, dry off, and within moments be covered in perspiration again – just like before the water buckets. But then, I was younger. To this day, I’m ok with heat. I have not yet turned on my AC. But I struggle with the cold. So for me, winters are harder.

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