Friday Update for 2021-05-21: Long Grief — 3 Comments

  1. Couple of comments on today’s posting:

    1. Vera, my wife, and I are rare – truly fortunate – in that we personally know of no one who has died from Covid-19. Several of my family members and a few friend had contracted the virus, however none of them had serious infections or complications post-recovery. The two of us have tried to a live reasonably safe coronavirus era lifestyle, sticking around our home in south-central PA, only occasionally venturing into the wilds of our county to either shop or purchase an unexciting take-out meal from a few of the places remaining open during the crisis.

    Interestingly enough, our community overwhelmingly comprises 55-plus seniors, and has only had less than 10 infections, and (I heard from friends) only a single death!

    So, I can’t say that we’re in the same boat as many of the folks whom that post-Covid impact has affected — as per your post this week.

    2. Absolutely loved that mix from The Kiffness & Cat! It got me bopping’ all over the room! Incredible innovation.

    • Yes, we are among the truly fortunate who could stay close to home and safe. Yet I think even those of us who had it easy have taken damage. I know I have. Nothing that can’t be recovered from, but recovery won’t be instantaneous.

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