Friday Update for 2020-12-25: Comirnaty — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Keith. Thank you so much for the gorgeous frippery. I am I love with Iona Fiyfe. Her cover of Girl from the North Country is spellbinding. Sent it off to many family and friends. So lovely. Bless you and your wife! Linda

      • Oh my goodness! I have her CD somewhere! Love her too. Thank you for reminding me about her. I have gotten lost in Eva Cassidy of late, and her voice and songs…

        And now I am I love with Mark Knopfler! Listen to “ Sailing to Philadelphia” and you will hear the Celtic lilt in his songs and accent! So lovely. I love the music of the working folk.

        • Ah Eva… I discovered her in the classic way: was hanging around some clothing shop in Harvard Square and she came over the sound system… stopped in my tracks and all but grabbed the clerk by the shirt collar and demanded “WHO IS THAT?!” She had already passed when I found her, earlier that year I believe, of leukemia.

          Knopfler: did you ever hear his work in a country vein, with a group calling themselves the Notting Hillbillies? Song called “Your Own Sweet Way”: . Swings like nothing before or since.

          • I discovered her also after she died. Heard her rendition of “Over the Rainbow” on the public radio station in Grand Rapids MN. I too was STOPPED in my tracks! Couldn’t believe it! I cried softly… while listening.

            Oooooh! Wonderful! Just listened. Were the Nottingham Hillbillies before or after or during Dire Straits? I will send this to my brother Vince who adores this guy! Thanks.

          • Notting Hillbillies were later. Dire Straits started in 1977, and the Hillbillies released their only album (“Missing… Presumed Having a Good Time”) in 1990. It gets confusing, because Dire Straits reunited in 1991 and played together until 1995, according to W’pedia (source of all knowledge).

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