Friday Update for 2020-12-18: Mink — 2 Comments

  1. To my limited knowledge, the second shot is to make the protection more durable. With one shot, the antibody levels (titres) are lower and drop off more quickly. We don’t know for sure that lower titres correspond to less protection, but it’s the working assumption.

    By the time that trials could be mounted, and the durability of protection determined, the shortage would be over. The data from such trials, and trials of lower doses, would be useful for other purposes, but there are ethical considerations in running such trials. Also practical considerations, as we would hope that the pandemic will be over by then.

    • One point the authors bring out: there’s data to be had even before mounting trials. Get back in touch with those who dropped out of the Phase III before the second shot. However many of them they are, they represent data on the hoof.

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