There used to be group blogs. This blog is an inquiry into the question of whether it might be time to revive them.

The times are strange for all of us. Our lives have been rapidly upended by the suggestion, then the order, to shelter in place; by the closing of most businesses and schools; by unaccustomed working from home, meeting in Zoom instead of in person; by remote learning and home schooling for the kids.

I feel we’re all called on to contribute whatever talents we have for the greater good during this worldwide crisis. One thing I know about is the technology and technique around blogging, web hosting, and building a community of interest. And maybe I have learned a few things while working from home over the last 25 years that might be useful to others.

But I’m a firm believer in the maxim that none of us is as smart as all of us. So I would like to offer this platform for this community to share its experience, knowledge, insight, and humor as we weather this pandemic together and apart.

I envision Suddenly at Home as a place where anyone who wants to can blog in their own unique voice; and people’s personal voices can reach an audience with useful experiences, hard-won knowledge, poignant anecdotes, or a touch of humor to brighten the day. But no politics, and nothing that could be construed as medical advice.

Blog posts need not be weighty or onerous. A quick observation out the window of self-isolation is fine; so is a longer and more reasoned post on tips for coping with isolation, loneliness, or home schooling. What you might post to NextDoor or Facebook — try posting that here.

Please reach out if this idea interests you at all, even if you don’t consider yourself “technical enough” for blogging. I am more than willing to tutor anyone who wants to participate, to whatever level is necessary.

I don’t know where this experiment will go. Perhaps no one will take me up on the offer and Suddenly at Home will quietly fold its tent. It may thrive for a time and wither as life gets back to normal. Or it may grow and develop into something more lasting. Let’s try it and see.

Further Details

Suddenly at Home is a group blog based on WordPress, with authorship open to neighbors in the Twin Cities. Its focus is the personal experiences of those coping with stay-at-home social distancing in the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) pandemic — what life is like in this time. Comments are allowed and will be moderated.

Please email me — self@keithdawson.com — if you are interested in blogging on this site.