Cheap, Frequent, Quick Testing — 2 Comments

  1. Side note: the “deep nasal swab” (nasopharyngeal) is becoming a thing of the past. Straight nasal swabs, often self-collected by the patient, have become the norm. It’s considerably more comfortable for the patient, doesn’t require subjecting a health-care professional to the risk of exposure during sample collection, and reduces the amount of PPE used.

    The anterior nares (translation: front of nostrils) swab is even approved to be self-collected at home, without supervision. That swab only needs to go 1 cm into the nostrils.

    • Good to know, Doug. I haven’t been tested yet (by any methodology) and am glad to hear that it may not be necessary to get a swab inserted into my brain when that time comes. Also: I have a niece who is a nurse at UMN and it’s a relief to hear that the danger she is exposed to daily may be on the wane.

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