Bringing the Sing — 2 Comments

  1. Our next-door neighbor’s family was singing along in their house; two across-the-street neighbors were out on the porch as we were.

    I wondered how MPR was going to sync up three radio broadcasts and three internet audio streams. Turns out: they didn’t. Probably couldn’t. Delays and lag on the internet are inherently not predictable. The next-door neighbor’s audio was skewed from what we were listening to by at least several seconds.

    No photos or video of the singing itself, but here is our local bunny who came out to keep us company during the sing. (Click for a larger version.)

  2. A week after this post, on May 1, we did another Sing with MPR: this time the shared song was Here Comes the Sun. We could see three other households participating. One of us had a boombox tuned to MPR News. We weren’t very loud, or particularly good from where I sat. For example a couple walked by on the sidewalk (maybe 15 feet from us) but didn’t seem curious or stop to see what we were all doing.

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