A Brace of Surprises — 6 Comments

  1. As I have said before, this disease is nasty, terrible, horrific, and sneaky. Please be afraid of getting it! Take all precautions.

  2. Tested negative, twice. But I’ve been out of work three weeks… and yesterday, first time in a week, I had a fever. No stamina, tired all the time. Some kind of junk in the lungs but clear x-ray Wed­nes­day.

    This is Schrodinger’s virus.

    Feeling better today, thanks for asking!
    For me, please, some things to keep practicing:
      Keep your hands clean,
      Keep social distance between,
    And a pox on those fools who aren’t masking!
  3. John, so sorry to hear that. I did assume you were an exemplar of I. but dearly hope not also II.!

    All, please visit John’s Limericks of Protest. It’s not far, it’s right next door on this same server.

  4. This writeup from the Boston Globe, two months old now, spotlights the problem, but with lower resolution than the peer-reviewed analysis linked above. Here’s a quote from an infectious disease expert in Massachusetts:

    Testing may be falsely negative if the test is obtained too early or too late compared to infection, or if the sample isn’t obtained or processed correctly.
  5. A friend wrote on a private mailing list:

    That would indicate the dream of testing every asymptomatic person is a complete waste of time and resources. Also, there are long-haulers that test positive for months, but never get any symptoms, like our friend’s dad.

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