Vaccination Passports Are Not Easy

A growing number of venues — restaurants, bars, gyms, airlines — are or will be requiring proof of vaccination. To meet this need Minnesota uses a smart­phone app: Docket. Getting it talking to the state’s vaccination database can be challenging. Continue reading →


Pandemic Update for 2021-10-13: SAGO

Items of recent pandemic news you may have missed: How to get the most out of home rapid testing; new evidence that breakthroughs don’t transmit much; a new WHO committee to investigate virus origins; and more. Plus a frippery. A Continue reading →


Pandemic Update for 2021-10-07: Molnupiravir

Items of recent pandemic news: Decisions soon on immunizing kids 5-11 and on boosters for Moderna and J&J; an injectable anti-viral and an oral one; new studies on delta’s virulence and aerosol transmissibility; plus a frippery. Molnupiravir works The day Continue reading →


Yes Delta Has Peaked

On August 13 I speculated whether the US had arrived at the delta wave’s peak. This turned out to be just a touch premature. CIDRAP guessed that the worldwide peak arrived around mid-September; the NY Times said early September. This Continue reading →


Pandemic Update for 2021-09-29: Smoking Bat

Items of recent pandemic news: Detection in Laotian bats of possible SARS-CoV-2 pre­cur­sors; Covid-19’s effects on the brain; progress towards an antiviral pill; why the US may fail the next pandemic too; and more. Plus a frippery. Lessons not learned Continue reading →


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