Friday Update for 2021-06-11: Individual

Three items of pandemic news: Long Covid in children; an FDA panel confirms an excess of heart inflammation following mRNA vaccination; and how the American tendency to in­di­vid­u­alism over collectivism hamstrung our pandemic response. Plus news briefs and a frippery. Continue reading →


Tuesday Update for 2021-06-08: Hearty

Herewith two items of recent pandemic news: Some clarity on long Covid and its relation to two known autonomic conditions; and watching for cases of heart inflammation in young men after mRNA vaccination. Plus news briefs and a frippery. Teens, Continue reading →


Friday Update for 2021-06-04: Over

Items of recent pandemic news: Moderna applies to the FDA for full licensure; Min­ne­sota and the Twin Cities end mask mandates; and cautious optimism that the pandemic is ending in the US. Plus news briefs and a brace of fripperies. Continue reading →


Tuesday Update for 2021-06-01: Alpha

Herewith a brief issue, as pandemic news has been thin over a holiday weekend. No news briefs today but of course there’s a frippery. WHO tackles naming the variants The designations given to the viral variants are not friendly; the Continue reading →


Looking Askance at Media

[ Here’s another unintended consequence of the pandemic: an awakening to the untrustworthiness of a media landscape that has long been on a path to dubious reliability. The author is a friend. — ed. ] Covid has changed my view Continue reading →


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