Pandemic Update for 2022-05-21: Macrophages

Items of recent pandemic news: Boosters approved for kids 5-11; the cause of severe Covid-19; two new vaccines built on different technology bases; immune evasiveness of two Omicron sub-variants; Paxlovid developments; and much more. Plus a frippery. The pandemic sputters Continue reading →


Pandemic Update for 2022-04-30: Normalcy

This newsletter is tapering down. For 25 months I have been docu­ment­ing the medical and scientific history of this extra­ord­inary time. The country now acts as if it is over; what urgency the pandemic still commanded is leaching out. Herewith Continue reading →


Pandemic Update for 2022-04-02: Re-boost

Items of recent pandemic news: Moderna announces preliminary results for their vaccine in children; the White House rolls out the one-stop information site; FDA authorizes a fourth shot for older adults; and much more. Plus a frippery. Apologies to Continue reading →


Pandemic Update for 2022-03-09: Presume

This week marks two years since the WHO declared a pandemic. As the Omicron wave recedes, here are some longer-form perspectives on where we are headed and where we should perhaps be headed instead. Plus a Ukrainian frippery. Quote of Continue reading →

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Pandemic Update for 2022-03-02: Maskless

Items of recent pandemic news: A new, wildly divergent SARS-CoV-2 strain in deer; mental health sequelae in Covid-19 survivors; an update on locating a supply of Paxlovid; new CDC masking guidance; and more. Plus a Ukrainian frippery. Quote of the Continue reading →


This blog was a current awareness service for the pandemic, posting once or twice a week (until the bulk of the US population decided the pandemic was over), with occasional feature articles. It began as a group blog chronicling lives in the Twin Cities in the time of coronavirus social dis­tancing, quar­antine, working from home, and distance learning.

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