Friday Update for 2020-10-23

Today we offer four items of Covid-19 news: a county-level dashboard of dangerousness; new discoveries on how the virus spreads so effectively and why it inhibits long-term im­munity; and at-home saliva testing. Plus the accustomed frippery. Why illness may not Continue reading →


Prophylactics, Therapeutics, and AstraZeneca

We have been writing about potential vaccines in late-stage trials — prophylactics in­tended to prevent Covid-19 disease and, ideally, infection with SARS-Cov-2. Another class of drugs is the therapeutics, such as the Regeneron “cocktail” the President re­ceived. The vaccines from Continue reading →


Tuesday Update for 2020-10-20

The Update has gone semi-weekly. Herewith three more items of pandemic news you may have missed recently: the next pandemic; the duration of immunity; and two new metrics that may portend severe Covid-19. Plus a frippery. Two New Metrics That Continue reading →


Friday Update for 2020-10-16

Herewith three items of Covid-19 news you may have missed this week: Pfizer’s timeline for EUA application, normally apolitical science publications criticize the Trump admin­is­tra­tion, and the $16T cost of the pandemic in the US. Plus the accustomed frippery. Pfizer Continue reading →


Reinfection Redux

Repeat infections with Covid-19 are back in the news: a Nevada man’s case was published in The Lancet, and an elderly, immune-compromised woman in the Netherlands died after a second infection. Still, there is little cause to worry. We touched Continue reading →


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