Protection from What?

Those of us who have been hoping that life can go back to some kind of normal after a vaccine is available may need to reset our expectations. The vaccines under development will protect against disease, not against infection. What Continue reading →

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Friday Update for 2020-09-11

Herewith three items of Covid-19 news you may have missed this week: an expert’s reflections on vaccines and bioethics, kidney damage in Covid-19, and a look at worldwide trends in confidence in vaccines. Plus a frippery. The bioethics of vaccine Continue reading →

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The Real Cost of an Early EUA

The biggest drawback to one of the vaccine candidates receiving an FDA Emergency Use Authorization: it would halt the Phase III trial and destroy any chance of getting more data about that vaccine’s safety, efficacy, and longevity. On the This Continue reading →


AstraZeneca / Oxford Phase III Paused [Update: restarted]

You have probably heard that one of the three vaccine makers in Phase III trials in the US, AstraZeneca, has paused its effort while an outside committee studies a “serious adverse incident.” This is jargon for “something bad happened.” AZ Continue reading →

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The Vaccine Makers’ Pledge

Nine vaccine makers have signed an unprecedented pledge to conduct the search for a Covid-19 vaccine only “in accordance with high ethical standards and sound scientific principles,” in an attempt to bolster public confidence in any vaccine that emerges. Political Continue reading →


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